MS25041-5 LED  Dialight   chrome aerospace avionics div     Press to Test Indicator Panel Light Clear / off White Lens Military 1 Dialight MS25041-5 Mil-Spec Push to Test Panel Indicator  DIALIGHT LIGHT INDICATOR SIGNAL PANEL AIRCRAFT 23213631137233 MILITARY NEW ..LED – INCANDESCENT   6-12-24-28 VOLTS  T-1 3/4 MIDGET FLANGE LAMP BASE6-12-24-28 VOLTS   T-1 3/4 MIDGET FLANGE LAMP BASE     

MS25041-5 – INDICATOR LIGHT  LED   DIALIGHT  chrome aerospace avionics div   ms25041-5-indicator-light  LED – INCANDESCENT  6-12-24-28  VOLTS   T-1 3/4 MIDGET FLANGE LAMP BASEMS25041-5, 800-1030-0337-504, Dialight press to test indicators
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