6. Filter l.e.d nvis

6.  filter l.e.d nvis.png

Filter l.e.d nvis

Polyglass NVIS Ring Filters CAPS  LED  – ASSAMBLIES NVIS Poly glass Ring Filters for LED Light Sources. NVIS Compliant  and other NVG Compatible Displays using Discrete 3mm or 5mm LEDs, or SMD Type LEDs … FILTERS  CAPS SMD   LED TYPES 0603 -006   1206-002   1206-003     1206-006   955-001   670-001  460-001  330-001  320-001  0805-003        955-001  670-001   460-001     330-001  320-001 MIL-DTL   7788G  TYPE  V-  VII  EDGE LIT  PANELS MIL-L- 8576A   STD  3009

NVIS  POLYMERIC LED  RING FILTERS CAPSNVG POLYMERIC LED FILTERS NIGHT VISIONPolyglass NVIS Ring Filters CAPS  LED  – ASSAMBLIES,Nvg nvis incandescent led filter lampsNight vision   led and module  for type iv – v panelsNvg-nvis for led light source filter44000 nvis series  polymeric  filter nvis  series  polymeric glass  filter filter l.e.d nvis



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