5 SE-WFLS-x60_1-NVIS--LED-STRIP-LIGHTING-002 2-22-19

aircraft interior lighting system aerospace interior lighting aircraft lighting components cockpit interior lighting internal lighting system aerospace lighting products air lighting system kockpit  lighting systems illuminated fly deck displays illuminated nvis film illuminated nvis filters nvis strip lighting nvis flecible cob led lighting cob led nightvision lighting Cabin Refurbishments‎ night vision Aircraft Interior Upgrades night vision Night Vision Compatible Filter film (NVIS) NVIS Filters – cob LED – NVG Compatible Aircraft Lighting ipad nvg  filter crew station, cabin, interior aircraft nvis  lighting Flexible NVIS filter ground  stations lighting Chrome aerospace avionics div. Night vision is ideally suited for retrofit and quick-fix in applications where night vision ompatible lighting us required. This film can be used in crew stations and cockpits to filter existing CRT’S panels and instruments. Other applications include filtering of test equipment display and portable computer LCD’s for use in the field or in the laboratory when NVD “friendly” lighting is desired compatible light sources include incandescent. The film is extremely pliable which allows it to conform to no planar surfaces such as CRT’s. Additionally at only. 010” thick, it can be added to existing instrument windows, behind the bezel, requiring little or no hardware modification. Its high transmission efficiency will also allow for use in certain daytime applications minimizing repetitive removal/ replacement activities prior to missions. Night vision film is offered in sheets 12”x12”x30”x0.010” Additional light source NICHIA NSPW 300 BS RANK C TOYODA EIS30-AWA7-03 B65 LUMILED LXHL-MWIC OR EQUIVALENT NIGHT VISION NVIS GREEN FILTER FILM FOR GREEN L.E.Ds SOURCE NIGHT VISION NVIS GREEN B FILTER FILM FOR GREEN L.E.Ds SOURCE NIGHT VISION NVIS GREEN A FILTER FILM FOR GREEN L.E.Ds SOURCE