33. MS25041-13 cap

33. ms 25041-13 cap 10-25-17

MMS25041-13 cap

Dialight – 8500005 – LED   NVIS Green A Press-To-Test PMI Cap, Non …      Description, NVIS Green A Press-To-Test PMI Cap, Non-Dimming. Sizes, 15/32. Color, NVIS Green A. Mounting Hole Size, 15/32. Sub Sub Product Type, Cap …  each with t-1-3/4 midge lamp 28 volts NVIS Compliant per MIL-85762A and MIL-STD-3009MS25041-13    STOCK  LIGHT CERTIFITION  WITH-EACH PART- LED  – INCANDESCENT   6-12-24-28 VOLTS   T-1 3/4 MIDGET FLANGE LAMP BASE