3. Nvis led package size

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nvis led package size

NVIS FILTER CAP   COST EFFECTIVE FOR NVIS AND PROVIDING EXCELLENT NVG COMPATIBILITY WITH GOOD TRANSMISSION AND CONTRAST SELECTING THE CORRECT L.E.D. FOR NVIS FILTERS WILL EXHIBIT HIGHER VISSIBLE TRANSMITION FILTERS  CAPS SMD   LED TYPES 0603 -006   1206-002   1206-003     1206-006   955-001   670-001  460-001  330-001  320-001  0805-003        955-001  670-001   460-001     330-001  320-001 MIL-DTL   7788G  TYPE  V-  VII  EDGE LIT  PANELS MIL-L- 8576A   STD  3009

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