19 nvis -Colors-LED-incandescent lamp holders ms25010

19    nvis -Colors-LED-incandescent  lamp holders ms25010.jpg

Nvis -Colors-LED-incandescent  lamp holders ms25010

NVG/NVIS Incandescent Filters & Lamps – LED  holders  MS25050.

Incandescent subminiature lamps typically used in integrally illuminated instruments and panels  NVIS MS25010 type lamp holders TYPE III – illuminated panels MIL-L- 8576A – STD – 3009 MIL-C -25050 MIL-DTL- 7788G 5V 14V 28v we manufacture the fallowing brands ets wanco – Hoffman – israel – systems tech- Russian– grimes – dialight chromaticity colors

helicopter nvis modifications ms25010 lamp holder nvis chromaticity type assemblies colors nvg compatible & nvis compliantupgrades uh-lh nvis helicopteruh-lh nvis up grades post light green a assemblie 28volts  uh-lh nvis post light cap  mil-l- 8576a – std – 3009 mil-c -25050 mil-dtl- 7788g 5v 14v 28v  
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