1. Nvis 2-3 Inch

1.   Nvis   2-3  Inch.png

1. Nvis 2-3 Inch

nvis bezels indicator flood lights or non-NVIS versions along with cargo bay flood lights, instrument post lights, … Post lights can beNVIS compatible and available with a quick disconnect … NVIS Bezels … Indicator lights are available in a wide variety of colors and size

Radio magnetic bezel  UH-1H HUEY  HELICOPTER   Turn  and slip  bezel   UH-1H HUEY  HELICOPTER Altimeter indicator bezel  UH-1H HUEY  HELICOPTER  Coated nvis lamps   UH-1H HUEY  HELICOPTER Upgrades lamp holders   UH-1H HUEY  HELICOPTER

aircraft instrument post lights

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